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MARMI Industrial, Commercial and Technical Société Anonyme, and the distinctive title “MARMI S.A.”, is a company active in the sector of Production and Trade of Concrete and other cement products, asphalt mix and other asphalt products, as well as in Undertaking and Executing Public and Private Works.

The company is the continuation of the Civil Engineer Michail Maragkakis’ personal business, and is active in the aforementioned sectors from 1966 until today. Over the years, the company has undertaken and executed numerous large public and private projects throughout the Greek Territory and especially in Crete. Asphalt works have been one of its main activity sectors since its inception.

In 1983, he founded a bituminous concrete production industry, initially in the area of ​​Karteros Herakleio, which in 1991 was relocated in the Industrial Zone of ​​Herakleio. Cement concrete is also one of its main sectors since its inception, due to the construction of public and private works.