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MARMI S.A.  now has a certified Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 + AC:2009 and OHSAS 18001:2007 for the production and sale of ready-mix concrete, bituminous concrete and bitumen emulsions.

The company has established, documented, implements and maintains for its Production Unit a Quality Management System that meets its scopes and needs, and is in line with the requirements of Greek and international standards, namely:

  • The international standard BS EN 13108-21: 2006 for bituminous concrete
  • The international standard BS EN 13808: 2013 for bitumen emulsions
  • The Concrete Technology Regulation (CTR) for precast concrete

Within the framework of development and implementation of this system, MARMI S.A. :

  1. has identified the processes that contribute to its smooth operation
  2. has determined the order and interaction of those processes
  3. has established the criteria and methods required to ensure that both the operation and monitoring of those processes are effective
  4. has ensured the availability of the resources and information necessary to support
  5. operate and monitor the department’s processes
  6. monitors, measures and analyzes its processes,
  7. implements actions that are necessary to achieve the quality objectives and continuous improvement of its processes

Diagram 1. Quality Management System Model based on approach as a process.

Our customer, who is the ultimate recipient of our product, is the beginning and the end of our Quality Management System and plays the most important role in defining the demands and objectives of the company. Monitoring customer satisfaction requires the evaluation of the information related to their perception of whether the business has satisfied their demands.

Diagram 2  Process interaction diagram

Continuous improvement is feasible through the monitoring performed during the various stages of implementation of the operation processes of the production unit and the analysis of these results, as well as through the implementation of the appropriate Quality Management System procedures, which are summarized below.

  Diagram 3  Schematic representation of business process improvement tools.